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At Affluent Charleston Singles, we take a highly personalized approach to finding you a compatible partner. Our matching process focuses on your personal preferences. We take the relationship journey with you to ensure that you are meeting the quality individuals that you desire.


happy_coupleOur process begins by meeting with one of our experienced Relationship Counselors. The initial meeting is private and confidential. It allows us to learn more about you and about the person you want to meet. We discuss important personal preferences relating to your dating goals and expectations. This in-depth interview process is what allows us to create quality introductions for you.



dating_coupleAfter your interview, your counselor will work closely with our matching department to hand select the most compatible introduction for you. Our matching department will then contact you to tell you about someone who is very interested in meeting you! This is when the excitement truly begins. We look at many qualities when creating your introductions such as relationship goals, personal values, physical appearance, hobbies and lifestyles. You can be sure that the person you are about to meet is exactly what you have requested as you get to pre-approve every one of your introductions!

Once you and your match have had the opportunity to get to know each other, our matching department will be patiently waiting for your feedback. This is a crucial part of our success as we use your feedback to bring you closer to your perfect match.

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We value your privacy and don't sell or share your information. Please note, we verify every submission to assure its correctness, so please only provide valid contact information. Thank you.

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